Wireless connectivity provides flexibility, growth, and access to remote locations which would otherwise be inaccessible.  With multiple frequencies, antenna types, and network topologies to consider, Bandit's networking engineers will deliver the solution that provides the access you need.  Wireless technology is a great tool for expanding the network into connectivity-limited locations allowing for video surveillance access and visibility into remote locations.

Bandit routinely uses wireless connectivity to extend security camera systems into:

  • Parking lots  & parking garages
  • Recreation facilities
  • Maintenance facilities / infrastructure
  • Parks
  • Stables
  • Outdoor locations


Bandit System's suite of wireless technologies includes:

  • 802.11 A, B, G, N, and AC network standards
  • 900mhz, 2.4ghz, 3.65ghz, 5.0ghz, and 5.8ghz frequency bands
  • 24ghz (1.4gbps throughput) wireless backbones
  • Access points, stations, and bridge nodes
  • 15+ mile range


Extend surveillance visibility into remote locations:

parking lots


parks & outdoor locations