The Advantages of Digital IP-Cameras

IP-based (networked) cameras are the future of video surveillance.  Instead of sending video over a coax cable to a video recorder, IP-cameras send data (video, analytics, system info, controls, etc) over a network cable, and the video streams can be combined and viewed on a webpage.   Networked IP cameras provide a host of advantages over old-fashioned analog systems:

  • HDTV and Megapixel cameras provide the ultimate in high-def viewing
  • IR illumination and onboard image processing results in superior night capabilities
  • Pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras allow the user to actively control the camera
  • Easily integrates with existing systems


  • Future-proof - open source network architecture for long-term viability and growth
  • Scalable and flexible - IP-based security camera systems are infinitely expandable and multipurpose
  • Cost effective - no dedicated DVR needed, and adding cameras is easy
  • Can be securely viewed from anywhere in the world