Security Camera System's Benefits Provided to the Public

Public safety and security is a huge aspect of any government's job.  Citizens who feel safe in public areas such as bus stops, parks, trails, and public areas are more likely to use them raising community engagement, civic pride, and property values.  Furthermore, adequate security reduces overhead fraud, vandalism, and waste, protecting taxpayer dollars and allowing government entities to do more with the funds they have.

Bandit Systems' Services for Government Agencies

Bandit Systems supports governments at all levels with a suite of services from design and policy consultation though installation and support.  For an RFP our engineering team will design, spec, and assist with the implementation of cutting-edge, government-class evidential-grade systems.  Bandit's highly regarded installation team responds to IFBs with punctuality, professionalism, and price competitiveness - all with the goal of reducing crime and improving safety for citizens and employees.

Protect parks and trails

Common Public-Sector CCTV Applications

IP Video is a proven deterrence that provides additional safety and security in public areas:

  • Office buildings / City Halls
  • Transportation hubs
  • Courts and prisons
  • Parking garages
  • Public squares, parks, and outdoor areas


Properly designed and deployed surveillance systems save governments money by protecting citizens and property, enhancing the city's reputation, and reducing the time required for investigations.

Use analytics to Conduct usage surveys with multiple remote stations

Solutions Designed For Government Requirements

Bandit System's surveillance solutions contains all the characteristics governments require:

  • Analytics for counting people or vehicles to determine use
  • High volume, easily searchable storage
  • High quality images for positive ID
  • Limitless expandability
  • Wireless remote nodes
  • IR and thermal cameras